Tamatar ka Shorba....

Yummy Toamato Soup

	Tomatoes		40
	Jeera			25 gm
	Fresh dhania		1 kg.
	Whole garam masala	200 gm.
	Garlic paste		250 gms
	Fresh mint		2 bunch
	Ginger paste		200 gms
	Green chilies		250 gms
	Onion			1kg
	Salt			to taste
	Sugar			as required
	Butter			200 Gms.

  • Heat the butter add the whole garam masala and jeera.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and fry .
  • Add onion and saute.
  • Add red chilies powder green chilies and tomatoes and water and simmer.
  • Before taking off the fire add dhania and mint and adjust salt..
  • Note This recipe makes a lot of Soup.
    .so adjust accordingly.

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