One can also leave a spoon in the vessel in which the milk is being boiled at low heat so that it does not get burnt at the bottom.
For soft curdled home cheese or paneer, curdle milk with a little yoghurt or lemon juice, strain in muslin cloth and add a little cold water. This is done as for paneer bhurji or chenna for rasmalai. 
To wash Mushroom - first rub with flour / corn flour and add water and rinse. This cleans the surface of the Mushroom of all grit and mud. 
While blending Spinach - blanch in boiling water to which salt is added, strain & immediately cool in Ice. This is to retain the green colour. 
Cut boneless meat (especially red meat) alongwith the grain of the meat to ensure proper cooking. 
Use hot mustard oil for tempering i.e by heating to a point till light white smoke emanates from it. This would remove the potency from the oil. 
Never cut lettuce with a knife. Always tear it with hands. This is to avoid blackening of the lettuce. 
While making Kaachoris / Samosas rub in fat / ghee with flour to produce excellent shortening / paste. 
Half roast your rotis and pile them together. Roast them again before serving. This way, the rotis remain soft. 
The puris must be rolled and placed between the folds of a well-rinsed wet muslin cloth at least an hour in advance. Fry before serving. This way, the puris are fluffier and crisper. 
Store leftover dough and filling in the freezer (properly packed) to make fresh parathas whenever required. Take care to thaw the ingredients before using.
To keep chappatis warm longer, cover the pile with two pieces of clean cloth above and below in a tight steel container. Leave on a griddle that has been warmed first. 
Use the water drained from curdled milk to knead chappati dough. They will turn out to be softer and whiter. 
Throw in a handful of soaked beans or sprouts to give the added nourishment, as a combination in any raita. 
To make creamier raitas, add half a cup of fresh cream to one recipe of raita. 
If curds have become too sour to eat, tie in a muslin cloth for three to four hours, add milk and use in raitas. . 
If an onion is too sharp in taste, wash, drain and toss into some beaten curd. Add a dash of salt and pepper and it becomes a tasty raita. . 
Save the peel of apples, cucumbers and peaches. Grind them and add to the ingredients of green chutney (coriander leaves, green chillies, ginger, coconut, salt and sugar). It makes a tasty and nutritious chutney and, when mixed with curd, makes an unusual raita.. 
To make a Tawa non_stick, put a thin layer of salt on it and heat it up. Remove the salt when the tawa is hot and use the tawa as a non-stick pan.
To keep the coriander from getting black, wash it after cutting rather than cutting after a wash.

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