To Remove the burnt smell from the food, place a slice of bread on it and cover vessel and keep aside for 5 minutes.
To prevent the oil from frothing, place a piece of tamarind in the oil , let the tamarind get burnt, remove and use oil.
To prevent the yolk of egg from getting black, dip boiled egg immediately in cold water.
To peel Garlic better, rub some mustard oil on them and keep in sun for 15 minutes and rub in a cloth.
Add a table spoon of water after beating egg-yolks, it makes omelette fluffy.
If curd becomes sour, sieve it through a muslin cloth for half an hour and throw away the water.
Rub a pinch of salt on hands and wash after peeling or cutting onions. The smell will go.
If Cookies have a tendency to get hard after baking, put them in a covered container and add a slice of bread .The bread will harden but cookies wil stay soft.
A little salt in the frying pan will keep fat from splattering.
To combat  flavor of rancid butter,  add a pinch of salt and coriander leaves while heating it.
To keep pulses free from worms throughout the year mix some mustard oil on them and store them in a container.
To keep yolk of hard boiled egg from crumbling, pour cold water on the knife before slicing the egg.
To keep fried egg from breaking or sticking to the pan, add a tablespoon of flour in hot oil before frying.
Leftover Idli/Dosa batter will not turn sour if a betel leaf is placed on it.
To keep Lady finger's(okra) curry from stickiness, add one tablespoon of curd after garnishing the vegetable. This also retains the color of the Okra.
Soak Orange peel in Vinegar till soft and mix them with lime pickle. It tastes good and is digestive.
Raw Eggs spilled on the floor will come out easily if salt is sprinkled on it and left for 20 minutes.
Mash left over rice, mix salt and green chillies, make small balls and fry till golden brown.
If rice gets overcooked. Add some cold water and ghee to it. Let it stand for a few minutes and spread on a tray.
Cheese will stay fresh for a longer time,if a pinch of sugar is added to it while making.
Toss a few curry leaves in boiling butter to make ghee,it won't give bad smell even if the butter is  stale.
To make paneer fluffier and softer,add a bottle of cold water  immidiately after adding lemon.
To keep the butter from getting rock hard in the fridge, whip it with curd and store..This reduces fat content and hence the butter remains soft even in fridge.
Lady finger's  paste in dosa batter makes the dosa soft .
To Extract most of color from saffron, pound it with a little sugar and keep it soaked in lemon juice till required.

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