Sweet &Sour Lime Pickle..

Meetha Teekha Gujarati Style Lime Pickle

	Limes			25 nos.
	Green Chilli 		50gms.
	Sugar			4 cups
	Ginger			50 gms.
	Salt			1 cup

  • Wash the limes and cut each into eight pieces.
  • Wash and cut green chillies.
  • Scrape and slice the gingerfinely.
  • Mix these together in a stainless steel vessel along with sugar and slt.
  • Transfer to a glass jar and keep the jar every day in the sun for about 15-20 days then store in a cool place.
  • Whenever you want to use the pickle, remove the required quantity into a bowl.
  • Never put the remaining pickle back into the jar,as this causes the pickle to deteriorate.

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