Stuffed Lime Pickle..

South Indian Style Stuffed Lime

	Sour Lime		1 kg.
	Red Chillies		5 gms.
	Salt			12 gms.
	Black Pepper		6 gms.
	Black Cardamon		5 gms.
	Aafoetida		2 gms.
	Cloves			5 gms.
	Sugar			50 gms.
	Cumin Seeds		12 gms.

  • Wash the limes well and slit each into four without severing the pieces.
  • Grind the spices.Mix the salt and spices and stuff them into the limes.
  • Put the limes in a glass jars and keep them in the sun for two to four days.
  • When the peels become slightly soft, add sugar, and put in the sun for two to four days more.

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