Pickle Pomfret...

Parsi Style Fish

	Pomfret Fish		1 kg.
	Red Chilli 		3 nos.
	Ginger			1 inch
	Garlic			10-12 cloves
	Salt			To taste
	Green Chillies		1
	Cumin Seeds		½ tsp.
	Oil			for frying
	Turmeric		1 inch
	Vinegar			100 ml.

  • Clean and wash fish.
  • Cut it into slices about an inch thick.
  • Apply turmeric Powder and salt and set aside for half an hour.
  • Slice the green chillies, cumin seeds and turmeric to a paste with a little vinegar.
  • Boil the paste with the rest of vinegar, some salt.
  • The sliced chillies, ginger and garlic for half an hour.
  • Remove from the fire and allow to cool.
  • Add the fish to the vinegar mixture.
  • This pickle will keep for a week or more.

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