Mutton Korma

Meat in a mild white gravy

	Mutton Curry 		1 kg
	Oil 			250 gms
	Laung /Ilaichi 		10 gms.
	Ginger/Garlic	Paste 	20 gms
	Boiled Onion Paste 	20 gms.
	Brown Onion 		50 gms.
	Pepper Powder 		1 tbs.
	Chopped Green Chilies 	5 gms.
	Curd 			250 ml
	thin Kaju Paste 	100 ml
	Salt 			as required
	Javitri /Ilaichi Pdr. 	1 tbs.

  • Heat ghee and add laung and ilaichi .
  • Add ginger ,garlic paste and then boiled onion paste.
  • Chopped green chilies and mutton fry till the paste leaves ghee.
  • Add curd and cook covered on slow fire till cooked.
  • Add kaju paste and cook till done.
  • Add pepper pdr. and javitri pdr. and take it off the fire.
  • Cream can be added in the end for smoothness of the gravy.

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