Mutton ke Kofte

Mutton Balls in a delicately flavored Gravy

	Mutton Keema 		1 lb.
	Chilli Powder  		5 gms.
	Garam Masala  		5 gms.
	Oil  			10 ml.
	Coriander Chopped  	5 gms.
	Ginger Chopped  	5 gms.
	Salt  			as required
	Onions Chopped  	200 gms.
	Tomatoes Chopped  	150 gms.
	Ginger Julienns  	20 gms.
	Chilli Green slit  	20 gms.
	Ginger/Garlic Paste  	15 gms.
	Mint chopped  		15 gms.
	Coriander Chopped  	15 gms.
            Whole Garam Masala
		Cloves 2 gms
		Gr. Cardamom 	2 gms.
		Bay leaves  	2 gms.
		Peppercorn  	2 gms.
		Big Cardamom  	2 gms.
		Cinnamon  	2 gms.
	Yogurt  		50 gms.
	Kewra Essence  		2 drops
	Chilli pdr.  		1 tblspn
	Garam Masala  		1 tblspn.
	Oil  			50 ml.

  • Mix the Keema, Ginger, Green Chilies, dhania, Garam Masala, Chili powder and oil and rest it for a few minutes.
  • Heat Oil in a pan and add Whole Garam Masala , add the sliced Onions and fry for a while
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and after 2 minutes add the Keema making small balls and leaving them on top of the cooking tomatoes.
  • Add the Chili pdr. And the Garam Masala and leave it covered for about 5 minutes until the mutton is cooked a little bit.
  • Open the lid of the pan and add yogurt, mint, ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves.
  • Stir and add the kewra essence. Cook on a slow fire till the fat comes on top.
  • Garnish with ginger juliennes, chopped dhania and slit green chilies and serve.
  • Can be served with Roomali Roti or Naan.

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