Mutton Keema

Minced meat...home style

	Mutton Minced 		½ kg
	Oil 			100 ml
	Garam Masala Whole 	8 gms.
	Chopped Onion 		125 gms.
	Chopped Ginger 		10 gms
	Chopped Chilies 	5 gms
	Red Chilli Pdr 		5 gms
	Ginger/Garlic Paste 	10 gms
	Tomatoes 		175 gms
	Salt  			as required
	Garam Masala Pdr 	½  tbs
	Chop Dhania 		for garnish
	Turmeric Pdr. 		½  tsp
	Dhania Pdr. 		5 gms

  • Heat oil.Add garam masala.
  • Add chopped onion till golden brown .
  • Add chopped ginger and garlic and green chilies.
  • Add the paste along with the dry maslas. Add chopped tomatoes.
  • Cook till the tomatoes get dissolved and the masala leaves ghee.
  • Add the keema,cook on slow fire and then add the garam masala powder.
  • Add salt and remove from the fire .Squeeze a lemon if required .
  • Garnish with chopped dhania and serve.
  • Keema can be taken out along with onion ,chili,ginger,and mutton fat.It gives a better taste.

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