Murgh Zaffarani

Saffron flavored boneless mild chicken

	Chicken boneless 	1 kg.
	Oil 			250 ml
	Garam masala 		10 gms.
	Boiled Onion Paste 	200 gms.
	Ginger Garlic Paste  	15 gms.
	Chopped Green Chilies 	5 gms
	Kaju Paste 		100 gms
	Curd 			250 ml
	Salt  			to taste
	Javitri Ilaichi pdr 	5 gms.
	Saffron 		1 gms.

  • Heat Oil and add the whole garam masala (Clove,Cardamom& Cinnamon).
  • Add boiled onion paste,ginger garlic paste & chopped green chilies, add yogurt and salt.
  • Cook till masala leaves ghee. Add cashewnut paste and cook again.
  • Add chicken and cook till done and masala leaves ghee.
  • Add javitri ,ilaichipdr. and remove from fire. Add saffron for color.
  • Chicken can be cooked separately in ghee with coating of ginger, garlic, saffron and salt and later cooked with the ready-made gravy.
  • Can be made hot , add a little white chilli powder.

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