Murgh Makhan masala

Butter Chicken..almost dry

	Tandoori Chicken    	2 nos
	Butter 			1/2 kg
	Onions Chopped 		250 gms
	Ginger 			10 gms
	GreenChilies 		3 gms
	Red chilies 		3 gms
	Tomatoes 		1 kg
	Cream 			500ml
	Kasoori Methi 		a pinch
	Dhania Chopped 		garnish
	Green Chiliess 		garnish
	Salt 			to taste

  • Heat the butter and brown the chopped onion add chopped ginger ,green chilies, chilies powder and then tomatoes.
  • Add salt and cook till the masala leaves ghee.
  • Add tandoori chicken cut in pieces,kasoori methi and chopped dhania with more butter and saute.
  • Add cream to it and cook till cream dries up ,as thick gravy.
  • Serve with Laccha Paratha or Roomali Roti.

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