Murgh Lajawab

A fabulous dish with chicken

	Chicken Boneless 	150 gms
	Ghee 			1 tblsn
	Garlic Paste 		2 Gms
	Kasoori Methi 		a pinch
	Chopped Ginger 		30 gms
	Chopped Tomatoes 	200gms
	Chopped Chilies 	2 gms
	Choppped Dhania 	2 gms
	Red Chilies pdr 	3 gms
	Garam Masala 		5 gms
	Salt  			To taste

  • Heat the ghee and add the garlic paste to it and let it brown.
  • Add kasoori methi add chicken julienne and chopped tomatoes.
  • Add half the ginger and green chilies and the threshed red chilies.
  • Cook on slow heat coverd with a lid.
  • Just before taking off the fire add the rest of ginger and green chilies and chopped dhania.
  • Add garam masala and take it off the fire .Garnish with chopped dhania

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