Mullugtawney Soup....

Mullagh..Pepper tanni..water Pepper Water

	Dal masoor 	     	4 kg
   	Potatoes     	 	3 kg
    	Apple      		1 kg
    	Garlic paste     	200 gms
    	Onion      		1 kg
      	Curry patta      	1 bunch
    	Curry powder     	3 tin
    	Salt pepper     	to taste
    	Grated coconut     	 kg
    	Chicken stock     	30 liter
   	Lemon      		as required
    	Butter      		200gms

  • Heat the butter and add garlic paste, fry.
  • Add sliced onion, saute, potatoes and masoor dal saute
  • Add curry powder add curry patta and chicken stock.
  • Add the apple ,salt pepper and grated coconut (sauted separately)
  • Boil and simmer till potatoes are cooked puree, squeeze lemon.
  • Note: GARNISH chicken dices for non-vegetarian rice boiled for vegetarian

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