Moor Kuzhambu(Contributed by Raj)

Moor means Buttermilk Kuzhambu means Fluid

For paste
	Bengal Gram		2 tblspn
	Cumin seeds		1 tsp
	Rice 			2 tblspn
	Green Chilles		4 nos.
	Coconut			2 tblspn
For Gravy:
	Buttermilk		1 litre
	Turmeric		½ tsp
	Salt			to taste

	Vegetable		Anything

For Tempering:
	Mustard Seeds		¼ tsp
	Cumin Seeds		¼ tsp
	Coconut Oil		1 tblspn

  • Any boiled vegetable can be used for Moor Kuzhambu. Boiled Potatoes, Okra or even regular Besan Pakora could be added to Moor Kuzhambu.
  • Soak the ingredients for the paste in water.
  • Blend to a fine paste with minimum water.
  • Mix turmeric with buttermilk and salt to taste add blended paste and let it boil.
  • Do not stir for long. On first boil turn the stove off and transfer to another vessel.
  • Let mustard and cumin seeds crackle in coconut oil and season.
  • Could also add Curry leaves and Cilantro.
    Serve with Boiled Rice

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