Mixed Pickle ..

Mila Jula Achar

	Green Mango		1 kg.
	Green Chilli		100 gms.
	Lime			250 gms.
	Asafoetida pdr		10 gms.
	Coriander Pdr.		30 gms.
	GroundNut Oil		400 ml.
	Salt			300 gms.
	Chilli Pdr.	 	200 gms.
	Turmeric		40 gms.

  • Cut the Mangoes and lime into eight pieces each and chillies into fout pieces each.
  • Mix thoroughly with salt and dry in the sun for one day.
  • On the next day put all the ingredients in the oil.and heat.
  • Remove from the heatand allow to cool before adding the mangoes,llime and chillies.
  • Put in a jar and keep in the sun for few hours daily, say six to seven days.
  • Shake the jar well every day.

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