Mango Pickle..

Aam ka Achar

	Mango			1 kg.
	Red Chilli		30 gms.
	Fenugreek seeds		100 gms.(Coarsely Ground)
	Mustard Oil		300 ml.
	Salt			250 gms.
	Onion Seeds		25 gms.(Coarsely Ground)
	Turmeric		30 gms.
	Black Pepper		25 gms.
	Aniseeds		30 gms.

  • Select green mangoes with hard stone and cut them lengthwise into two or four pieces.
  • Mix salt and keep for four days in the sun.
  • Mix all the ingredients and about 100 ml. of oil.
  • Pack closely in a clean jar and pour over the rest of the oil.
  • This pickle will be ready in two to four weeks..

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