Mango Chutney (UP Style)

Khatti Mithi Aam ki Chutney

	Green Mango   		1 ½ kg
	Sugar			1 ½ kg
	Pepper Powder		1 tspn
	Cumin seeds		2 tspn
	Vinegar			200 ml
	Chilli Powder		2 tspn
	Salt			4 tspn
	Ginger			1 inch
	Asafoetida		1/2 tspn

  • Peel and shred the mangoes.Add salt.
  • After four hours squeeze out the salt water.
  • Weigh the shredded mango for 2 ½ kg. Use 1 ½ kg sugar.
  • Heat the vinegar and add the sugar.
  • Add chilli and pepper powders and chopped ginger.
  • Cook, stirring continuously, till it becomes a thick syrup.
  • Add shredded mango.
  • Roast the cumin seeds and asafoetida, grind them together,
    and add to the chutney.
  • Keep stirring till a thick consistency is obtained.
  • Bottle when cool.

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