Salted Lassi....

Wah ji swad !! and Masala Lassi too

	Curd            200 ml
        Water           50 ml
        Salt		to taste

	For Masala Lassi:

	Onions chopped		1 tsp
	Tomatoes chopped	1 tsp
	Ginger Chooped		½ tsp
	Green Chillies chopped	½ tsp
	Coriander chopped	½ tsp
	Red Chilli pdr		¼ tsp


  • Churn all the ingredients and blend till froth comes up.
  • Add salt.
  • Check for taste and serve.
  • Garnish for Salted Lassi: Broiled jeera pdr.
  • For Masala Lassi:
  • Add all the chopped ingredients to the Lassi.
  • Should have a distinct flavor of roasted Jeera powder.
  • Note: Lassi should be frothy and thicker than Chaas.

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