Kadai Gosht

Fiery hot Skillet cooked Mutton

	Mutton Boiled		1 kg
	Badi Ilaichi 		5 nos.
	Tej Patta 		5 nos.
	Vinegar 		100ml
	Kachari 		5 gms.
	Salt 			to taste
	Kalmi Shorba 		a pinch
	Ginger 			40 gms.
	Garlic 			5 gms.
	Chop Tomatoes 		1 kg.
	Garlic Paste 		3 gms.
	Kasoori Methi 		½ tbs.
	Chop Green Chilli 	5 gms.
	Red Chili 		5 gms.

  • Boil the ingredients together from Mutton to mutton shorba till cooked. For Gravy:
  • Heat ghee ,add garlic paste fry till light brown .
  • Add kasoori methi tomatoes, a little of chop chilies , ginger, red chili and salt.
  • Cook for 5 minutes. Add mutton, remaining chilies, ginger and red chilies.
  • Before taking it off the fire add garam masala pdr and chop dhania.
  • serve with rice or with roomali roti.

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