Jackfruit Pickle...

Kathal ka Achaar

	Jackfruit 			2 kg.
	Chilli Pdr.			6 tbsp.
	Mustard pdr			6 tbsp.
	Mustard Oil			½ kg.
	Salt				¼ kg.
	Turmeric			4 tbsp.
	Asafoetida Pdr.			a pinch
	Coriander Pdr.			6 tbsp.
	Cumin Seeds			6 tbsp.
	Aniseeds			4 tbsp.
	Onion Seeds			2 tbsp.
	Dried Mango Pdr.		2 tbsp.

  • Peel off the outer skin off the jack fruit and cut it into one-inch thick pieces.
  • Remove the hard skin of the seeds.
  • Boil two litres of water along with two tablespoon of salt and one spoon of tureric.
  • Add Jack fruit and seeds for just two minuts.
  • Remove, squeeze out the water from each piece, and dry on a piece of cloth.
  • Rub little salt and keep aside.
  • Heat the oil and remove from the heat.
  • Grind the aniseeds and cumin seeds coarsely.
  • Mix well all the ingredientsin half of the quantityof ooil.
  • Put into stone jars and add the remaining oil so that it is almost one inch above the mixture.
  • This pickle is ready for use after fifteen days.

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