How to Make Roasted Jeera Powder

Make Broiled Jeera Powder

Jeera or cumin as it is called in English is widely used in India cookery. Most of the use is for baghar or tempering. It is also used for medicinal purposes in India like making Jeera Water for digestion etc. Cumin is a digestive. Jeera is also used for garnish and taste beside being used for tempering. Broiled Jeera Powder is used to sprinkle on raitas and also used as an ingredient in chaats. Here is a very simple and easy way to make Jeera Powder and store it for future use.

	Whole Cumin	100 gms.

  • Take a heavy bottom frying pan. If you do not have a frying pan, use the tawa or the griddle.
  • Heat it lightly on a flame and put the jeera on it.
  • Move the Cumin constantly as it broils very fast and must be broiled from all the sides.
  • When you smell the Cumin broiled, turn of the flame and put the broiled Jeera in a plate.
  • Spread it out so that it does not turn dark, as it must cool instantly.
  • When cold, grind it and keep in a air tight jar.Use as and when desired.

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