How to Make Paneer

Indian Cottage Cheese

Paneer is often called Cottage Cheese and is readily available at the dairy shops in India. However making paneer at home takes very little effort and is a good source of protein in substituting the meat for a vegetarian.Lots of Indian recipes have paneer in it as the main ingredient. Some of those recipes are available on this site also.

	Whole Milk		3 Liters
	Vinegar/Lemon Juice	6 tblspn

  • Boil milk in large saucepan.
  • Stir constantly as it tends to stick at the bottom which might give the burnt flavor to the finished product.
  • When the milk begins to rise, add the lemon juice or vinegar whichever curdling agent you are using.
  • Simmer the heat and stir the milk, it will help in ccurdling the milk faster and evenly.
  • When the whey has seperated from the rest of the solid, turn off the heat and add cold water to it. It will give a very good texture to the Paneer and Paneer will not be sour because you used vinegar.
  • Strain the curdled milk through a muslin cloth. Try to squeeze as much water as you can from the solids.
  • Put this solid under some weight so as to squeeze all the water out. You can shape it as you like.
  • Remove the weight after about an hour and keep the block in refrigeration.
  • You can now cut the Paneer into cubes, battons or whichever shape you want to cook your gravy with.

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