How to Make Coconut Milk

Milk of Coconut is used in many Dishs.

Lot of South Indian dishes that I have mentioned on this site use coconut milk. It is a very important ingredient for the coastal dishes to use the coconut milk in their cooking. Cocnut milk is made from the fresh coconut and it imparts a very distinctive flavor to the dish.Here is a easy way to make coconut milk:

	Coconut		1 no.
	Lukewarm water

  • Break the coconut and remove the inner soft part. Discard the hard shell.
  • Usually the coconut is grated to make the coconut milk. If you can grate the coconut using a grater then use the grater to extract the coconut milk or else you can use the blender to extract the milk.
  • To use the blender, cut the coconut into small pieces and put in the blender.
  • Add a little luke warm water and blend.
  • Squeeze the milk and keep seperate. This was the first extract of coconut milk and is usually the best extract with most flavor.
  • Add more likewarm water in the blender along with the residue and blend again.
  • Squueze out the milk again and the process can be repeated usually 3-4 times to extract all the milk from the coconut.The extracts become less flavorful and thin.
  • Use the extracts as directed in the recipes.

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