Haryali Tari....

Green Vegetable Soup.. a healthy choice

	Mixed Vegetables 	1 kg.
	Spinach 		1 bunch
	Coriander leaves	1 bunch
	Dal Masoor 		150 gms.
	Onion 			2 nos.
	Garlic Crushed 		one pod
	Ginger 			10 gms.
	Whole Garam Masala 	20 gms.
	Salt 			as reqred
	Butter 			100ml
	Lemon 			1 no


  • Boil Spinach retain water, grind to make a paste.
  • Heat butter, add the whole garam masala, and garlic and ginger.
  • saute onions add the dal and vegetables and spinach water,
    cover and boil till vegetables are well cooked.
  • Add dhania and cover.
  • Add spinach paste, give a boil.
  • Strain and puree, adjust salt and squeeze a lemon.
  • Note Should be dark green in color. Cream can be added for flavor.

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