Green Tomato Chutney

Hare Tamater ki chutney

  Green Tomatoes		4 nos.
  Sesame seeds			3 tsp
  Dessicated Coconut		2 tblspn
  Green chillies		6 nos
  Cumin Seeds			½ tsp
  Mustard seeds			¼ tsp
  Asafoetida			a pinch
  Oil 				to fry
  Salt 				to taste

  • Cut the tomatoes into pieces.
  • Fry the tomatoes, sesame seeds, coconut, chillies separately
  • Grind them together to a fine paste.
  • Fry the mustard seeds in a tblspn of hot oil till they splutter.
  • Add the asafetida. Pour into the tomato paste and mix well.
  • Can be made fiery hot or mild as per the taste.
    Serve as an accompaniment with any Indian Dish

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