Gosht Nu Dhansak

The Parsi Mutton with Lentils

	Val Dal		        50 gms.
	Toor Dal	        50  gms.
	Moong Dal        	50 gms.
	Masoor Dal		50 gms.
	Mutton Cubes		500 gms.
	Pumpkin Red		50 gms.
	Brinjals	        20 gms.
	Pumpkin White		50 gms.
	Carrots			20 gms.
	Onions			20 gms.
	Methi/spinach		30 gms.

	Oil			20 ml
	Sliced Onion		50 gms.
	Red Dry Chilli		8 nos.
	Roasted Cumin		 tsp.
	Roasted Coriander	 tsp.
	Cinnamon		1pc.
	Cloves			6 nos.
	PepperCorn		6 nos.
	Ginger		        10 gms.
	Garlic			8 cloves
	Samber pdr.		1tbsp.
	Turmeric pdr.		 tsp.
	Chopped Tomatoes        2 nos.
	Coriander Leaves        2tbsp.
	Jaggary			1 tbsp.
	Salt			2tbsp.

  • Mix together the dals,mutton cubes and chopped vegetables and bring to boil in double the quantity of water.
  • Simmer till the meat is cooked and the dals are mashed When ready, separate the meat from the dal.
  • Heat oil fry the onions until brown.
  • Add the ground masalas and fry.
  • Add tomatoes, coriander jaggery and salt and cook on low fire for 5 min.

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