Gawar ki Sabji...

Cluster beans...Rajasthani Style

	Cluster beans 		250  Grams
	Oil 			2  Tblspn
	Cumin seeds 		½  Teaspn
	Asafoetida 		1  Pinch
	Turmeric powder 	½  Teaspn
	Chilli powder 		½  Teaspn
	Coriander pdr	 	2  Teaspn
	Salt 			to taste
	Water 			as reqd
	Dried Mango pdr 	1  Teaspn

  • Remove the strings from cluster beans.
  • Boil and drain. Heat oil in a pan add cumin seeds and asafoetida.
  • Add beans and saute for 2 minutes.
  • Add turmeric powder, chilli powder and coriander powder and salt.
  • Add dried mango powder and cook till water dries off.
Optional:served best with Tawa Phulke .

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