Dal Shorba....

Lentil Soup.. Indian Style

	Dal Masoor 		250 gms.
	Onion 			2 nos.
	Garlic Crushed 		one pod
	Ginger 			25 gms.
	Crushed Whole Masala 	20 gms.
	Water 			1½liter
	Tomatoes 		200gms.
	Salt 			as required
	Coriander leaf 		¼ bunch
	Butter  		100 ml
	Lemon  			1 nos
	Curry Pdr. 		4 tbs.

  • Heat butter, saute sliced onion, add ginger and garlic and whole masala.
  • Add the dal and saute and add curry powder. Add tomatoes and water.
  • Cover and boil till tomatoes cook then add dhania and take off the fire.
  • Adjust the salt and squeeze a lemon.
  • Note: A very healthy soup.

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