Dahi Ka Shorba....

The Yogurt Soup

	Beaten curd	 	150 ml
	Oil/butter		15ml
	Jeera			pinch
	chopped onion		5 gm
	ginger			2 gm
	tomatoes		5 gm
	green chilies		2 gm
	turmeric powder		pinch
	salt			to taste
	fresh	dhania		75 ml

  • Melt the butter and add jeera and turmeric
  • As jeera crackles add onion , green chilies, ginger.
  • Saute and add tomatoes.
  • Add curd, warm it up and add cream. Put on high flame
  • Cook till a boil and add salt in the end.
  • Garnish with choopped dhania.
  • Note Serves 4 people, takes about 15 minutes for preparation & cooking.

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