Chicken Xacutty

Chicken...goan style

	Chicken Curry 		1 kg
	Coconut Grated 		2 nos.
	Red Chilies Whole 	12 nos.
	coriander Whole 	35 gms.
	Berry Saunf 		35 gms.
	Cumin Seeds 		15 gms.
	Garlic 			1 clove
	Pepper Corn 		8 nos.
	Turmeric  		1"  piece
	Green Ginger 		2"  piece
	Cardamom 		6 nos.
	Curry onion 		5 nos.
	Cloves 			8 nos.
	Clove Flowers 		2 nos.
	Nutmeg 			1 nos.
	Methi Seeds 		1 tbs.
	Khus Khus 		2 tbs.
	Onion Large 		6 nos.
	Tamarind 		30 gms.
	Vinegar 		2 tbs.
	Sweet Oil 		250 gms.
	Ghee  			150 gms
	Salt 			to taste
	Phool Pathar 		2 nos.

  • Fry chilies and masala separately in oil till golden brown.
  • Fry one grated coconut and sliced onions with khus khus till brown .grind masala.
  • Also grind onion, coconut and khus khus to a thick paste.
  • Extract juice from the other coconut. One cup thick and the rest thin.
  • Fry onion till brown . Add chicken, masala and grond coconut.
  • Extract tamarind juice, add along with thin coconut. Cook till tender.
  • Add vinegar and thick coconut milk.
  • Bring to a boiling point and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

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