Chciken Kathi Kabab

Chicken Rolled in Bread

	Chicken boneless	500 gms
	Onion(Sliced)		250 gms
	Tomatoes 		100 gms
	Ginger 			25 gms
	Green Chillies 		5-6 no
	Chat Masala 		1 tblspn.
	Red Chilli Powder	 1 tblspn.
	Coriander chopped	2 tblspn
	Flour 			400gms
	Egg 			1 no.
	Onions			1 no
	Green Chutney 		1/2 cup
	Oil 			50 ml
	Milk 			100 ml
	Sugar 			1 tblspn
	Salt 			to taste

For the Rotis:
  • Make a soft dough of flour, salt,oil, milk and sugar.
  • Set aside for about half an hour.
  • Make small balls enough for a 10 in pancake and set aside for 15 minutes.
  • Roll out to a thin pacake and cook on griddle.
  • Cook with a little oil on both the sides and Set aside.
For the Chicken Filling:
  • Chop Onions, Tomatoes, Ginger and Green Chillies.
  • Saute onions in a pan and add Ginger, Green Chillies and Chicken strips
  • Add salt, red chilli powder, garam masala and chat masala.
  • Add tomatoes and cook till chicken is done.
  • Sprinkle with chopped coriander and set aside.
  • Dip the cooked rotis in beaten egg and cook over a griddle.
  • Spread the cooked chicken mixture in the center lengthwise.
  • Add little onion roundals and may add the green chutney on top.
  • Roll the roti and secure it with a toothpick or two.

Serve with Mint Chutney

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