Carrot Pickle...

Gajar ka Achar

	Carrot				250 gms.
	Chilli Pdr.			25 gms.
	Mustard pdr			25 gms.
	Mustard Oil			1 tbsp.
	Salt				25 gms.
	Turmeric			½tsp.
	Asafoetida Pdr.			a pinch
	Sour lime Juice 		to taste

  • Wash and cut Carrots into two inch long pieces.
  • Add salt, chilli, turmeric and mustard powder and mix them thoroughly.
  • Heat the oil and brown the asafoetida; remove from heat.
  • When cool, mix all the ingredients together.
  • Store in a glass jars.
  • Keep in the sun for three to four days.

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