Aloo Bonda..south Indian style

	For Coating:
Besan 500 gms Maida 100 gms. Jeera 10 gms. Soda ½ tsp. Salt totaste Hing ½ tsp.
For Filling:
Boiled Potatoes 750 gms. Cashwnut 100 gms. Chopped Green Chillies 20 gms. Chopped Ginger 20 gms. Chopped Dhania 25 gms. Lemon 2 nos. Mustard Seeds 1 tsp. Urad Split 1 tsp. Curry Leaves 2 spring Haldi ½ tsp. Oil for frying

  • Make a batter with besan, maida, jeera, soda and hing.
  • Mash potatoes.
  • Temper rye, curry leaves and urad dal and haldi.
  • Add chopped chillies and
    dhania, cashewnut, hing and squeeze lemon.
  • Shape the mixture into a ball, cool and batter fry.
  • Serve with coconut chutney.
  • Can be made fiery hot or mild as per the taste.

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