Baingan DahiWale....

Cold Preparation of Eggplant

	Egg plant  		1 no
	Oil 			To fry
	Yogurt 			200 gms.
	Red chilli  		5 gms.
	Pepper Pdr. 		2 gms.
	Coriander pdr.  	15 gms.
	Jeera roasted 		1 tbs.
	Salt  			as required
	Mustard Seeds 		2 gms.
	Red Chilli Whole 	2 gms.
	Asafoetida(Hing) 	2 Pinch
	Curry Leaves  		1 Bunch


  • Cut Eggplant into pieces and fry them Golden Brown.
  • Whisk Yogurt and add the Eggplant. Keep aside.
  • Roast Coriander Seeds, Jeera,Red Chiili whole.Grind coarsely.
  • Add to the yogurt mixture..
  • Heat oil, make a tadka with Mustard seeds, red chilli, hing and curry leaves.
  • Add to the yougurt. Add Black pepper powder. Check seasonings.
  • Note Optional:Cold dish and should be spicy.

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